Crowne Plaza Perth Parking Conditions

Parking Terms and Conditions

The usage of this parking ticket gives permission to the containment of the vehicle, but deposit of the vehicle does not guarantee its safety to that of the objects left inside.

CONDITIONS OF ENTRY VEHICLES ARE ONLY ACCEPTED FOR PARKING AND PERSONS MAY ONLY ENTER THESE PREMISES ON THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS Subject to any provisions, if any which cannot be executed under the Trade Practices Act 1974 (as amended) or any similar state legislation.

1. The proprietor SHALL NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY, and SHALL NOT BE LIABLE notwithstanding and negligence on its part for the LOSS of and/or DAMAGE to any vehicle (including part thereof or accessories or contents or goods or articles left therein) however occuring while in or on the car park premises. The proprietor SHALL NOT BE LIABLE for any errors of judgement or for matters arising from doing or failing to do anything, negligent or otherwise, in relation to the activities and keeping of the car park.

2. NOTWITHSTANDING ANY NEGLIGENCE on its part or on the part of its employees, servants or agents, or on the part of others persons referred to in these conditions of entry, the proprietor SHALL NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY and SHALL NOT BE LIABLE for injury or damage (no matter how or why it occurred) done to suffered by any person on the proprietor’s premises.

3. The proprietor shall have the right to keep in, enter, move, park, drive or have towed away any vehicle left on the premises for parking or otherwise.

4. The proprietor shall have the right to refuse entry to the premises of any vehicle or person that it, in its absolute discretion, thinks fit.

5. THE PROPRIETOR SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any such loss or damage (no matter how or why it occurred) to any such goods left at the proprietor’s premises or in the customer’s vehicle, nor shall any person leave the goods or property of any person in a vehicle left with the proprietor for parking for any purpose and in the event of him doing so HE SHALL INDEMNIFY THE PROPRIETOR against the loss of or damage to said goods or property and cost claim demands, actions and suits by such other person whether such loss or damage shall happen from the action of the proprietor or otherwise.

6. The proprietor may permit the exit of any person in charge of or driving a motor vehicle and although the ticket must be produced to the proprietor, DOES NOT UNDERTAKE that the vehicle will not be removed without this ticket being presented. The proprietor SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR the loss and/or damage to any vehicle being removed from the premises without a proper ticket being produced.

7. The Proprietor gives no guarantee that the vehicles will be delivered to customer/owners at any time earlier than that agreed when the vehicle is accepted for parking.

8. No variations of these conditions will bind the proprietor unless in writing signed by its duty authorized manager.

9. The word “premises” shall include all that property constituting the car park including the entry and the exit ramps.

10. Whenever the word “proprietor” is referred to in these conditions of entry it shall mean I Power Management Pte Ltd and/or their related companies or employees, servants or agents and any other person involved in or associated with or performing any function in connection with the operation of the car park.